This is your community. We ask you to…. GIVE where you LIVE.

The Mt Charleston Volunteer Fire Department was founded in 1961. They are the first responders for medical, brush or structural incidents that occur in the Kyle Canyon, Lee Canyon and Deer Creek areas. On July 1st, lightning struck in Carpenter and Trout Canyons and started the horrific Carpenter 1 Fire. At the same time, lightning also struck twice in the area served by the Mt Charleston Volunteer Fire Department. Thankfully, they were able to contain and extinguish those two lightning fires quickly.

Currently there are 28 volunteers that make up the Mt Charleston Volunteer Fire Department. While they do receive funding for some equipment and training thru Clark County, much of what they need is funded by local donations. Since the terrain, weather and combustible materials are 100% different than Clark County, much of what is available is not designed for the mountain.

Mt Charleston is a special jewel for Las Vegas. The 1200+ firefighters from all over the country have done an incredible job getting this beast under control, protecting structures and also causing the least amount of damage possible to the forests. The Carpenter 1 Fire has an astronomical amount of federal funds being poured into FIGHTING the fire but we are worried about what happens AFTERWARDS. The local work will start when the fire is over.

We are asking for donations for our local Mt Charleston Volunteer Fire Department. They have a 28 year old engine they are trying to replace which would help them navigate the tight streets because their current one can’t. It also needs brakes regularly because of the terrain. The county has an engine they could retire and give them but it doesn’t fit into the fire station. It might with modifications to the station but that costs money. They would like to buy a new 4-wheel drive squad truck that can handle off road fires and hold at least 200 gallons (the ones Clark County can donate are not off road vehicles). The county has no winter clothing and the Mt Charleston Volunteer Fire Department would like to be able to give their 28 volunteers matching winter jackets embroidered with their names.

Additionally, the Department would like to have funds to offer partial assistance to bring in machinery to help with fuel reduction and cleanup to prevent future fires.

To donate...
stop by a Wells Fargo Branch & donate to the Mt Charleston Volunteer Firefighters Fund
Donation Account #2437337625 and for auto payments and wire transfer use routing #321270742 or
drop your check by Keller Williams Realty Las Vegas at 3100 S Durango #106, Las Vegas, NV 89117.